DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)

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Aug 30, 2023
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Mod Info

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Unlimited Resources


The game Dragon Village Mod APK is like a pretend world where dragons live. In the game, players help the dragons survive and protect them from harmful attacks. Players help fix dragon villages and take care of them by themselves.

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With the mix of mischievous dragons, DRAGON VILLAGE will bring an exciting battle between the dragon community and the natural world. You will be responsible for saving and building up the ancient tribe of dragons that are at risk of disappearing. Every dragon constructs a unique house on the island. Every day, players do training missions to earn achievement points and unlock new areas.

The game has an awesome and easy-to-use design.

To create a great DRAGON VILLAGE game for players, the system has made the features better and improved how it works. Every time you log in, it will be marked that you are present. If you log in regularly every day of the week, you can get gifts. We are doing this to make the players feel more involved and to check if you are still participating in managing Dragon Island. On holidays, there will be lots of fun events planned. Players will get rewards for taking part in activities to celebrate the event.

The game interface has very beautiful and eye-catching colors. They are used for the trees, dragons, and other pretty things in the game. Every dragon will be made to look like a different house and will have different colors. They will also have the special features of each type of dragon. The main screen will display the goals you need to finish for the day and keep reminding you about any new tasks. You will gather and see all the coins, gems, and flowers that you collect during each stage.

Create the whole Dragon Village.

The small dragon homes will be included in DRAGON VILLAGE because they help build the biggest dragon village. Every house will be put in different places, and they have to be organized well because there might not be enough space for all of them. That’s why it’s important to have many coins and gems so you can unlock different places to explore. However, the main area will be like a regular place for dragons to come together and communicate with each other.

The player looks for houses for dragons to buy in the shop. Here, you can learn about different kinds of dragons, their traits and how they live, and decide if you want to raise one. Every house will need time to finish. If the dragon’s level is higher, then the waiting time will be longer. Once you qualify to start, you will be given a foster list with hundreds of different dragons to choose from.

Living and learning at Dragon Island.

The pretty island in DRAGON VILLAGE has lots of dragons, which makes it really special. Every day, you have a goal to raise new dragons, construct houses, and make the land bigger. The aim is also transformed into the job of growing and improving the dragon through simple activities. Every dragon will be judged based on how well it can do things, and the better it is, the stronger it will be.

That is why players enjoy themselves all day with us. We offer a variety of training activities, and there will be more tasks for you to do in this supportive program. In simple terms, every player will act as the manager of a big village. You need to have a good strategy to make sure you don’t forget about any dragons. The dragon’s level will increase when you have enough stats according to the system. The extra money you earn from the care mission will help you save up and purchase more dragons.

Show off your skills in this place.

In Dragon Village, players must be able to take care of, raise, and improve the skills of each dragon. Players must have a great plan to handle every dragon. In addition to getting rewards for completing daily tasks, they will also be your main way of making money. Each part of the dragon’s household will give out a different prize at a specific time. To stay active in the dragon village, it’s important for you to collect many coins and gems.

What's new

- New mini games
- Graphics updates
- Gameplay improvements



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How to install DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded DRAGON VILLAGE MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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