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Foreign language with Worddio

Foreign language with Worddio

Learn and save new words with Worddio in your chosen language while doing something else! Worddio offers three basic features to help you memorize, pronounce and spell:

Learn new words!
Listen and memorize the words you’ve chosen, pronounced by native speakers while you do sports, walk in the park, cook, carry out everyday tasks, travel in the car or with the bus.

Practice your pronunciation
Record your pronunciation and compare it with the native speaker’s pronunciation. Record and compare again and again until you like the results.

Check what you’ve learnt
Check your knowledge. Choose a group of words that you’ve learnt and check what you remember. Share your results with friends

Worddio – the first non-interactive language learning application based on the symbiosis of two of the most popular memorization methods. We conducted in-depth research and interviews among many experts, linguists, language teachers and students and we decided to create a symbiosis between two of the most popular methods of learning new words :

– Pimsleur ™ method, which is characterized by prolonged listening of word pronunciation from a      native speaker.
– The flash card method, which is characterized by hearing a word in one language, and learning it      in another.

By combining these two methods, Worddio is based on listening to a predetermined amount of pairs of the same words in your native language and the language you want to learn.

The application supports the following languages and number of words :
Arabic – 8766
Bengali – 8766
Bulgarian – 8766
Catalan – 8568
Chinese – 8766
Croatian – 8766
Czech – 8768
Danish – 8768
Dutch – 8179
English – 8722
Finnish – 8765
French – 8286
German – 8395
Greek – 8768
Hebrew – 8769
Hindi – 8767
Hungarian – 8768
Italian – 8345
Japanese – 8568
Korean – 8768
Malay – 8767
Norwegian – 8768
Persian – 8756
Polish – 8012
Portuguese – 8767
Romanian – 8767
Russian – 7943
Slovak – 8768
Spanish – 8538
Swedish – 8311
Thai – 8768
Turkish – 8767
Ukrainian – 8765
Vietnamese – 8766

Note : Depending on the pairs of languages selected, the total number of words may be different.
Worddio – a great assistant for remembering new words!

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Foreign language with Worddio FULL v1.11 [Unlocked] Apk / Mirror

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