HellCopter MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Jun 13, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Every day, HellCopter creates a plan to get to their targets and use their guns to complete their mission. The game keeps going without stopping and is harder every time you finish a level. You will have to face many challenges in a row. Get excited for the new update that has cool new guns. Look at what they can do and figure out how to get them. Players will have lots of fun in this 3D world.


Fly around the building to offer assistance.

To start a mission in HellCopter, just get the right tools and hop onto the helicopter that’s ready for you. This special airplane will bring you to where you need to go for your job, and keep looking for things to break. They go to a building and do some work. They might get shot at, but they finish their task and go back home. This is their favorite way to relax and destress by completing tasks they received in their mailbox. You will get a big sum of money for doing this job.

We need to change the equipment.

To do a good job at HellCopter, you need to look cool and be organized. First, go to where you keep all your stuff and switch from wearing fancy clothes to holding weapons instead. See, there are lots of themes that will work well for any type of event. You can make your regular clothes better by spending coins on improvements. Just be cautious when you do this. Get ready for this exciting battle.

Your hair and clothes should match the setting so you won’t stand out when you’re working. Hide from the enemy and make it challenging for them in different ways. Fight against a strong group all by yourself. Visit the store often to find new things and add them to your collection of different styles.

When it comes to weapons, a strong and powerful gun that can cause a lot of damage is the best option. You can always find the gun models that we offer, even the uncommon and difficult ones. You can use regular bullets, special cat bullets, or bullets that can kill any animal for your hunting needs. Don’t worry about running out of bullets, there are plenty. You can shoot one or two bullets at a time to defeat your enemies quickly.

Finish the tasks.

Complete all the stages of HellCopter’s quest list in one day to add more tasks. There are harder parts in the game where you have to deal with new challenges. The boss is very strong and powerful. Some bad people are inside a building and they are doing something. You can take advantage of this situation. There is a map with tasks to complete in ten different spots. You have to finish all the tasks and mark them with green to win.

Players are often excited to get a prize when they finish a task. You can get exciting things like special items or rare guns when you open reward coins or treasure chests. Try your luck by opening chests every day.

Stop hurting girls.

The game HellCopter gives players fun surprises. When something happens, the helicopter in the game will get a message and take you to that spot for a mission. Finish the large tasks and defeat most of the bad guys inside the structure. Come be a part of the group and finish the things we send you in your email. Sign up and get notified about new updates. Have a good time and remember to share your thoughts about it later.

What's new

What an update!
The latest and the coolest version of HellCopter is waiting for the players!
Included in this update:
- New gun pack: 30+ cool weapons to use against enemies.
- All sorts of little bugs fixed to improve gameplay, graphics and balance.
So download our new update right now and enjoy!



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How to install HellCopter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded HellCopter MOD APK (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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