Muse Dash MOD APK (God Mode/Unlocked/Autoplay)

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May 19, 2023
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Mod Info

  • God mode
  • Auto fever/Autoplay
  • Unlock paid song/License bypassed

If you see locked music , just enter it because already unlocked


Muse Dash Mod APK is a world of interesting parkour games and classic music games. Get the mirror image code of the 3 beauties to fix the global movement!


If you want to experience music chasing adventures in an easy and fun way, go for it. This is an exciting and engaging game with various nature music tracks. Let’s follow her lively and lovely girlfriend along with her lyrics. This game brought a lot of laughter and a lot of people participated. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join now to enjoy the most vivid and detailed gameplay.

Keep the music flowing the smart way

In this game, the player has a chance to explore and experience many interesting music games. Be smart and creative and think carefully before developing safe and quality tactics and strategies. You are destined to become our master in the future, a talented leader who is admired and respected by many. It helps to avoid being overly humble when others compliment you. Don’t worry if you don’t move well, you can overcome the difficulty of dancing to the next song with agility and flexibility.

You can choose a new background

In this game you have the right to freely choose a romantic and gentle background to your liking. You can also choose the color of this game yourself and adjust it to your eye level, which will increase your efficiency while gaming. Start a new journey, go through special moments and dangerous and difficult stages, destroy monsters that are always waiting and want to harm you at any moment.

A pleasant and simple combination of a great parkour game and a popular traditional music game that everyone knows

Combining two games creates an advantageous game and gives users a new way of looking at these games. Parkour games take you to places you’ve never been before and don’t surprise you with the freezing cold. Traditional games are about music. However, it’s nothing special, it just offers a lot of music for players to relax, have fun, and create something fun.

Build a unique and fashionable design system

With a unique mindset and a very diverse creative spirit, this maker has created a very vivid and detailed UI with lots of cute and eye-catching visual details, made especially for gamers. . Especially for children, I love it for the first time. In addition, more than 30 songs are trending and listened to by many people. We need to update every week to know more new songs.

Use all your experience and musical skills to do your best.

A good and smart player is someone who has played a lot of games. You already know how to win easily. Learn from them and become one of the best. You made very precise and comfortable playing and style decisions based on your knowledge and understanding of music. Each soundtrack corresponds to different scenes, enemies and bosses.

Good face improved in next update

After many updates, the game has added features to help you add classical music packs. Buy as soon as possible to get a very competitive price. Also, the dashed line illustration has been taken to a new level, and many people like it. What makes this special is that you have to long press the music cover to hear the vaporwave music. Join now and join your family in a hidden sheet.

Invite more friends, family and family to join

To make the game more fun and build an emotional connection with the people around you, invite more friends and relatives to the game to relax, have fun, relieve headaches and all kinds of pressure in life and work. should be mitigated. This game applies to all subjects. As long as you have the passion, you have the right to participate. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose, but you’ll have fun using it, increasing your intelligence, and gaining a lot of experience and learning. We hope you enjoy the new and useful features that this game brings.

What's new

Let MUSE RADIO in 1990 feel the Internet Wave in 2023!
1. NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD Second Collab is happening now. [MUSE RADIO FM104] has 6 new songs including [INTERNET YAMERO(Aiobahn feat.KOTOKO)- From "NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD"]. Unlock it to obtain 1 collab illustration and 1 MUSE RADIO-themed Fever BG!
2. 1 Mutown Grooove illustration can be obtained by logging-in. 1 congratulatory illustration is added to the levelling-up bonus.



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How to install Muse Dash MOD APK (God Mode/Unlocked/Autoplay) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Muse Dash MOD APK (God Mode/Unlocked/Autoplay) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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