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Who says you can’t take it with you? Not Pantone. With the myPANTONE™ app you have access to a variety of PANTONE® Color Libraries, including the new PANTONE PLUS SERIES, and the ability to build color palettes and share them with colleagues and clients

myPANTONE offers graphic, web, fashion and apparel designers a way to take PANTONE Colors with you wherever you go. Can’t remember what a color looks like? Now you can have Portable Color Memory™.
• Get color inspiration and create color schemes from these PANTONE Color System Libraries:
+ PANTONE PLUS Formula Guides coated and uncoated for PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® colors
+ PANTONE PLUS Color Bridge® coated and uncoated (CMYK values for PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®)
+ PANTONE PLUS Premium Metallics coated
+ PANTONE PLUS Pastels & Neons coated and uncoated
+ PANTONE PLUS CMYK coated and uncoated
+ PANTONE Goe™ coated and uncoated
+ PANTONE GoeBridge™ coated (CMYK values for Goe colors)
+ PANTONE FASHION + HOME paper and cotton
+ PANTONE FASHION + HOME nylon brights
+ PANTONE+ Extended Gamut Coated
+ PANTONE Metalics Coated
+ PANTONE FHI Cotton 210 New Colors
+ Includes sRGB, HTML and L*a*b* data
• Capture and extract colors from photos and snap to the closest PANTONE Color
+ From images loaded on your mobile device
+ Directly from images taken with your mobile device’s camera
• Automatically generate harmonious color combinations
• Cross-reference PANTONE Color Libraries
• Share color palettes for use in Adobe® Creative Suite® (.ase files), QuarkXPress®
Access your ColorTRUE profile and display colors accurately and consistently on screen.
• Devices supporting Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3 or higher operating system
PANTONE® Colors displayed on your mobile device may not match PANTONE-identified standards. Consult current PANTONE Color Publications for accurate color.
PANTONE®, myPANTONE™ and other Pantone trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC. Adobe and Creative Suite are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. QuarkXPress is a trademark or registered trademark of Quark, Inc. and its affiliates in the U.S. and/or other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any omission of such trademarks from any product is regretted and is not intended as an infringement on such trademarks. Pantone LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated. © 2015 X-Rite, Incorporated and Pantone LLC. All rights reserved.

What’s New
An internal test release element for myPantone. This is a feature that we will start to use for early distribution to devices that wasn’t being taken advantage of in the past.


myPantone v2.1.4 patched APK


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