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Jul 4, 2023
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Northgard Mod APK is a game where you have to use your strategy skills to stay alive and complete tasks on a recently found land. Look for new territories and win against your opponents with your groups of people.


Think of really good plans to keep yourself and the people around you safe in Northgard. Your first job when you start playing this game is to complete a task. There are many other difficult challenges in the game as well. You will work with the people in your area to discover and use various lands that have lots of valuable minerals. You have to fight both enemies and make friends with other warriors.

Create a foundation on the recently found landmass.

When you come to Northgard, you will become the main leader of your land once you gain the trust of the people. So, you’ll tell them to make bases or towns in order to stay alive. Naturally, people are developing the recently found continent – the fertile land in the north. Even though the weather is bad, there are other things that can help people become successful and wealthy in that new place.

Give Viking different tasks.

There aren’t many people who are brave enough to follow you, but it should be said that the ones who do are courageous and strong in many different ways. Briefly refer to your friends as Vikings. Rewrite: They will be with you as you explore and take over new lands in Northgard. The first thing you need to do on your journey is to give your Viking jobs to do, like being a farmer or a warrior.

Using and protecting resources to avoid being robbed.

As stated before, this recently found continent has a lot of valuable minerals. Although there are dangers, like scary creatures hiding in the dark, it must be said that it is very valuable. Your group is very glad to discover that land, but they must also make sure to keep their territory’s resources safe. You need to plan and assign soldiers to guard important things, so they don’t get stolen or attacked unexpectedly.

Struggle against bad weather and enemies.

This land is rich, but the weather here is very tough. Without the leader’s proposed policy, I’m worried that people won’t be able to live there for very long. The weather constantly changes and this leads to many types of natural disasters happening throughout the year. In Northgard, there are lots of enemies and monsters that always roam around to try and kill your Viking and take away your resources. Don’t be afraid and beat them; show them how strong of a leader you are.

Make the territory bigger by adding new landmasses.

This game has lots of different places to explore and many levels to complete. These continents are unknown and nobody has ever been there or lived there. You will be a brave soldier and lead the way for this adventure to flourish. I will guide the people to win over new territories using my smart plans. I think the powerful can defeat the creature and make it easier for us to take over these new lands. Grow your land as big as possible.

Overcome the difficult tasks of the various campaigns.

Northgard offers a variety of events and special challenges. You need to try your hardest to finish the tasks and meet the goals to win the game. Besides the job of taking over new lands, you also need to understand the traits of the 6 groups that will be with you. They have good qualities, but they will reject you if you don’t do what they want. Come together and work with them to finish projects with different difficulties. Especially to effectively control or manage the difficult situation.


  • As soon as you discover a new land, you must immediately build a base with the Vikings to live and build a settlement with the people.
  • Population distribution – Vikings with different jobs such as farmers or warriors, … to develop the area, they will complete the tasks in the area they manage.
  • Come up with a unique strategy to manage the mineral resources where your rich lands are owned, avoiding enemy plots to bribe or plunder your products.
  • Train your people against harsh weather and invaders to the safety of the new continent; they will fight to the end if they encounter wild beasts or enemy armies.
  • As a solid and intelligent leader, you will lead your people to conquer many new lands, with 6 different clans completing campaigns.

What's new

-Fix missing button for Swidden snake clan ability



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1. Tap the downloaded Northgard MOD APK (Unlocked All DLC) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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