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June 24, 2023
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Podcast Addict MOD APK allows you to manage podcasts, Radio, audiobooks, Live streams, YouTube, SoundCloud channels, and RSS News feeds from a single app. Podcast Addict is the #1 Podcast App on Android.

Podcast Addict Mod Apk

Podcast Addict Overview

Instead of spending time listening to old music playlists over and over again, you can relax with podcasts and enjoy a better audio entertainment experience. Not only are they informative, but they also have a wide variety of topics to choose from. So you’ll always have fun working with interesting options.

And for those of you who struggle to find the perfect track for a particular taste, this interesting application from Podcast Addict is sure to impress you. By offering a huge collection of amazing podcast shows covering various topics, Android users can now listen to a lot of fun and informative audio content on their mobile devices. And best of all, smart applications let you access the best podcasts based on your tastes and specific interests. This ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the mobile app.

Learn more about the excellent app and its many features without a detailed review.

What is it for?

Here at Podcast Addict, Android users have the opportunity to use the best podcast app on the Google Play Store. With millions of downloads, tons of positive reviews, and over 2 billion episodes downloaded, you’ll never run out of things to enjoy with Podcast Addict. Feel free to explore the app and manage your podcasts, radio channels, audiobooks, live streams, YouTube, and SoundCloud channels.

Enjoy working with many in-app subscriptions to your favorite podcast channels. Alternatively, you can use the Discover option which showcases a variety of interesting in-app content. Enjoy your work with Podcast Addict’s full-featured playback options. This makes it easy to play your chosen podcast with many interesting effects and interesting settings. All podcasts are constantly updated and updated with the latest content. And always take advantage of the various features that keep the app interesting.


Interested parties can get started today with Podcast Addict’s free application on the Google Play Store. No payment is required. Feel free to use the many in-app features that make listening to your favorite podcasts comfortable. Additionally, the app also offers many advanced features that can be unlocked by paying in-app purchases. Additionally, it is important to always update to the latest firmware version to ensure you enjoy fully compatible applications. This will help you avoid problems while enjoying in-app features and installing the latest updates.

Also, like many other Android apps, Podcast Addict requires the user to grant certain permissions. So be sure to accept all prompts when accessing the app for the first time.

Quickly find and enjoy your favorite podcasts

Here at Podcast Addict, Android users can work with an amazing collection of podcasts and audio content. With over 2 million podcast shows and 50 million episodes to explore, it’s easy to find and enjoy the content you love.

Use our full-featured search engine to easily find content from Podcast Addict, Apple, Podcasts, Spotify, and The Podcast Index. All of this allows you to enjoy your audio content.

Interesting playback options and audio effects

Once your favorite podcast is ready, Podcast Addict allows Android users to work with a variety of unique renditions. Feel free to enable built-in audio effects to manipulate playback speed, volume boost, silence skip, mono playback, and more. All of these are available for streaming podcasts and offline content on Android devices.

Here at Podcast Addict, Android users can also take advantage of variable playback speed settings to finish selected content quickly and on time. Place it in your collection. Enjoy different playback settings with shuffle, loop, or sleep mode to enhance your overall experience.

You can also use Podcast Addict as a regular MP3 or audiobook player app to enhance your audio library. This also works with many other local audio files and available streaming sources. Last but not least, handy playback stats ensure that enthusiasts get all the data they need.

Many automated features to ensure your satisfaction

Interested parties are welcome to work with Podcast Addict’s fully automated application. This application offers many useful and intelligent features. Automatically update and download the latest podcasts with interesting automation features. At the same time, Podcast Addict automatically searches for available podcasts in your storage, so you don’t have to do it manually. You can enable custom settings for specific podcasts or control the playback experience in other third-party apps.

Never lose data with backup options

To make sure you are completely satisfied with the application, Podcast Addict also provides many convenient backup options, allowing you to automatically save your in-app data to any available cloud storage. This way, even if you accidentally delete the app or clear your data, you won’t lose important data like subscriptions and settings. Easily access available backups and pick up where you left off.

Many available wireless networks you can access

Here at Podcast Addict, Android users can easily find their favorite stations using different radio networks. Find your favorite content from various regions. For Chinese speakers, HK Reporter will be your faithful companion. If you speak English, you’ll be impressed with hundreds of channels including BBC, CBS Radio News, CNN, NASA, Showtime, This American Life (TAL), and more. This also applies to French users such as Jazz Radio, Radio Canada, and Radio France. German users can enjoy Deutsche Welle, ORF, SRF, and more. Italian can enjoy radio stations such as Rai and Radio 24. With many other channels, you can always enjoy the app to the fullest.

Save data to SD card

To prevent apps from consuming too much of your device’s internal memory, you can use an SD card to store your data. Just enable this storage option to give the app access to external storage. And then you can enable this feature.

Intuitive application

Interested parties are welcome to use Podcast Addict’s intuitive application which offers many accessible features. Start exploring his premium podcast feed that automatically showcases all your favorite podcasts and great suggestions. Use bookmark settings to list all your favorite channels and shows. Navigate easily through many in-app features with advanced filtering capabilities. Easily rearrange your podcast and radio subscriptions by simply dragging and dropping options. Also, if you want to improve the UI within the app, you can make many visual tweaks to your liking.

Enable RSS feeds for private or premium podcasts

Android users also have their RSS feed available here at Podcast Addict. This feature allows you to access private or premium podcasts on your listening list. So users can enjoy the application. Feel free to enable full-screen viewing mode for RSS podcasts. Paste all links to enable RSS podcasts.

Works well with many external devices

The app works well with Podcast Addict’s many external devices, allowing you to take full advantage of its capabilities. Please enable podcasts on your device with available Chromecast support. Or work with your Android Wear device to receive notifications quickly and intuitively.

Write your podcast review

For those interested, Podcast Addict now lets you write your podcast review. It allows Android users to review their favorite podcasts and discover what other users are saying. This is extremely important to engaging your community with high-quality podcasts and making sure they have the right choices for what they want to hear.

Widgets for convenient access to the home screen

To make the app more interesting, Android users can now work with intuitive widgets. Therefore, you can easily access the app’s features and settings from the home screen. This makes the operation much more intuitive.

Share content quickly with advanced options

Interested parties can now quickly share their favorite content with many advanced options. Feel free to upload your reviews to your social network podcasts and radio channels. With full descriptions and interesting subtitle settings, the app ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the shared experience.

Enjoy free unlocked apps on our website

And despite all the exciting features, Android users can happily work with his Podcast Addict free unlocked application on their mobile device thanks to our website modding app. became. Just download the Podcast Addict MOD APK and follow the instructions provided to enjoy many of its features.


Get ready to listen to Podcast Addict’s amazing collection of podcasts and radio stations. With so much informative and entertaining content, you can always find great channels to listen to and enjoy. Also, thanks to the free and unlocked versions of the app on our website, you can enjoy all the features without paying for the app.


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How to install Podcast Addict MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Podcast Addict MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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