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SoundHound Inc.
Jul 13, 2023
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With SoundHound Chat AI, simply ask for what you want, add follow-up questions, and get fast, accurate, up-to-date responses. Built on our leading independent voice AI platform, this app brings together the best-in-class conversational and generative AI technology for faster, more helpful experiences.

SoundHound Chat AI is the next-generation personal assistant that brings conversational intelligence to life in ways that we’ve only dreamed about. It integrates with dozens of SoundHound’s knowledge domains, pulling real-time data like weather, sports, stocks, flight status, restaurants, to name a few, combined with the most cutting-edge large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Gone are the days of disappointing and irrelevant web results or “sorry, I didn’t get that” responses. With SoundHound Chat AI, you’ll get the speed and accuracy of search using just your natural voice, and receive knowledgeable, in-depth responses that make for the richest conversational experiences yet.

How it works.

No need for awkward search queries. Just speak to SoundHound Chat AI naturally, like another person. For example, “Hey SoundHound, plan an evening out with my wife and I in Manhattan with dinner and live jazz?”… “What is the address and hours of operation for Blue Note in New York City" or “Hey SoundHound … How far am I from home? … Send a text to my wife … I’ll be home in 30 minutes,” even, “Hey SoundHound … I need some ideas for a 15th wedding anniversary gift for my wife.” You’ll be amazed by the detailed responses and helpfulness.

Want to try something even more complex? SoundHound Chat AI can use follow-up questions and commands to filter, sort, or add more information to the original request, and provide responses based on currently available data from a host of various domains.

“Hey SoundHound … Show me hotels in San Francisco for tomorrow staying for 2 nights that cost between 200 and 300 dollars per night and are pet friendly and have a gym and a pool?”… “Now sort by lowest price but nothing less than 250 and don’t show anything that doesn’t have WiFi.” Or, “Hey SoundHound … show me coffee shops with Wi-Fi” … “Which ones are within walking distance and are open after 9:00pm on Sundays?”

Here are some other examples:

Extend knowledge:
“Hey SoundHound … Explain, like I am 5 years old, how to change a car tire”
“How far can I drive on a spare tire?”
“What’s the best tire brand for me to buy?”

Enhance productivity:
“Hey SoundHound … Can you ask me questions to prepare me for my quiz on the American Revolution”
“Hey SoundHound … What are common questions a junior accountant would be asked in an interview?”
“Hey SoundHound … How do I get ink stains out of a granite counter”

Assist with everyday tasks”
“Hey SoundHound … I have ground turkey, green beans, garlic, onions and bell peppers. What can I make for dinner that will take me less than 20 minutes?
“Hey SoundHound … What was the score of yesterday’s Knicks game?”
“Hey SoundHound … How do I get out a spaghetti sauce stain?”

Plan a day of fun activities:
“Hey SoundHound … Will it rain in Napa on Wednesday?” … “What is one Napa winery I need to visit if I like Riesling?” … “What are some breakfast spots around there that have outdoor seating?” … “How long does it take to drive to the third one from Oakland?”

SoundHound Chat AI takes speed and accuracy to a new level thanks to the leading independent voice AI platform built with generative AI, allowing for complex and engaging conversations and content. Download the fastest and most accurate independent voice assistant on the market now!

What's new

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements
- UI changes



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How to install SoundHound Chat AI App APK (Latest) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded SoundHound Chat AI App APK (Latest) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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